Dear LSG customers, colleagues and friends, 

As we bid farewell to winter, the LSG team is in full swing with a flurry of activities behind the scenes. Hard to imagine a year ago the Covid-19 pandemic began, forever changed our lives and mindsets, boosting digital health into the limelight. As we welcome budding blooms and warmer weather for spring, we are proud to share some highlights of our activities:

  • LSG – FSG Germany partnership: Our children’s product Oopsie Heroes will in April be available to German families. 
  • Certification: All of LifeSense Group’s products are now certified by the respected USA certification body FDA. 
  • LSG – BioLife partnership: Full production is underway in preparation for a Carin (women), Oopsie Heroes (children) and Wil (men) shipment for our Australian distributor BioLife. Bringing these products together, BioLife will use LSG’s latest product Plan BePlan Be is a digital health platform for medical professionals to view and monitor their patients data. 
  • LSG – GOED thuis zorg winkel Belgium partnership: Our Belgian customers can now buy Oopsie Heroes at one of the GOED thuis zorg winkel Belgian based shops. There are 62 to choose from!
One of GOED thuis zorg winkel 62 shops in Belgium, where Oopsie Heroes is available for purchase to customers.  
Oopsie Heroes on display at the check out counter.


Looking for a fun, kid friendly lockdown activity? Go star gazing and get ideas from our Oopsie Heroes blog post ‘Learning about space and star spotting’.

Blog Post #1: Learning about space and star spotting with Oopsie Heroes

Learning about space is a great way to start teaching young children about the planet that we live on and how the universe works.

The fact that we live on a tiny planet in the middle of an endless universe can be a hard concept to grasp – that’s what makes learning about space so wonderful! Read blog here. 

Need some inspiration for a lockdown Date Night? Catchup on Carin’s latest blog ‘Stay at home date ideas for Valentines day’. 

Blog Post #2: Stay-at-home date ideas for Valentines Day

Valentines day may be over but the lockdown measures (here) are unfortunately not. Get some inspiration for your at home Date Night with Carin’s latest blog post. 

Valentine’s Day can be just as much fun when spent inside the house – in fact, getting creative and repurposing your home can make the day even more enjoyable!

Here are 10 of the best stay-at-home date ideas for Valentine’s Day this year.

Team LSG

Valentin hard at work, preparing the upcoming sensors for manufacturing and shipment.

Behind the scenes at LSG we enjoyed some unprecedented snowy weather and watched the High Tech Campus turn from a fresh green to bright white. We also welcomed three new team members, Valentin, Tania and Lieke!

Alongside, we have been working hard on supporting our manufacturers on the sensor production front. 

Stay healthy!

Team LifeSense, Eindhoven.