Digital health company LifeSense Group (LSG) signs partnership with Berlin based e-commerce expert Fingerspitzengefühl (FSG) to bring Oopsie Heroes to the DACH region. 

The Netherlands –  Germany LSGand FSG are proud to announce the popular children’s product Oopsie Heroes will soon be available to families in Germany and Austria from April 2021. LSG looks forward to building upon this fantastic opportunity to broaden activities within Europe together with FSG. Paul Swinckels, CCO of LifeSense Group says – “Through the new collaboration with FSG, we are proud to bring LSG’s unique technology to the DACH region and empower families with our solution”. 

By bringing Oopsie Heroes to the German market, LSG strives to remove the stigma associated with bedwetting and empower families with our unique digital health technology. 

Oopsie Heroes has been developed together with 100 children with the goal of abolishing nighttime bedwetting. The product is comprised of a small and comfortable sensor which can be easily attached to any pair of underwear or pyjama bottoms. During the night, when a child has one of those “Oopsie Moments”, the sensor will send a harmless, audio-based signal to the mobile device running the OH app. The app will then awaken the child so he or she can go to the toilet. 

Radboud Langenhorst, FSG’s CEO says – “Stepping into med-tech as a new vertical is of course an extremely exciting opportunity for FSG. In our talks with the management team of LifeSense Group, it became clear that Oopsie Heroes is a truly groundbreaking application. I am very much looking forward to this partnership and to growing Oopsie Heroes on the German market.”

Online Kick off – Team LSG & FSG