Dutch digital health company LifeSense Group uses Murata technology for smallest children’s bedwetting alarm in the world.

The Netherlands – LifeSense Group (LSG) is proud to announce the popular Oopsie Heroes product for children now includes Murata’s innovative technology.

LSG’s unique technology for children, Oopsie Heroes PLUS (www.oopsieheroes.com), is available from September 2020 to families worldwide. “We are proud to embark on this journey and include such innovative Japanese Murata technology in our digital health solutions,” says Dr. Valer Pop, CEO of LifeSense Group. By refining the product, LSG strives to remove the stigma associated with bedwetting and empower families around the globe with digital health technology.

Following the success of Oopsie Heroes, LSG is proud to announce the launch of the latest generation of children’s bedwetting products Oopsie Heroes PLUS (OH+).

Using the CR1220 lithium coin battery and piezo technology from Murata has helped LifeSense Group develop and make the smallest bedwetting alarm (only 5mm thick) for children in the world. It is now available in various markets and regions for sale.

Technology updates in the new OH+ design include extended product life and a patent pending circuit to achieve a high 1% piezoelectric frequency  precision. The device alarm is  perfectly designed for children’s hearing: according to research, 4KHz is the most sensitive frequency for human ears. This feature helps children wake up faster when compared to other alarms in order to resolve bedwetting quickly.

OH+ has been developed in consultation with 100 children with the goal of abolishing bedwetting. OH+ is comprised of a small and comfortable sensor which can be easily attached to any underwear or pyjama bottoms. During the night, when a child has one of those “Oopsie Moments”, the sensor will send a harmless, audio-based signal to the mobile device running the OH app. The app will then awaken the child so he or she can go to the toilet.

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