As autumn slowly sets in, here at LifeSense Group we are busy behind the scenes building upon our innovations & product awareness. This quarter we have been focusing on strengthening our distributor partnerships & product awareness. Here is an overview of our season kick-off:

  • LSG – NOVUS Biomedical Devices partnership: LifeSense Group and Novus Biomedical Devices partnership kicked off in Australia this month. During this time, CEO Valer Pop supported Novus Biomedical Devices during sub-distribution business discussions, nurse training sessions and product awareness at health events in Sidney & Melbourne.
  • Health Events – LifeSense Group products will soon be on display in Dusseldorf (Germany), at MEDICA, creating international awareness & connecting with European distributors. Early Autumn we also participated in the ICS Continence Event in Austria.
  • Kick-Off Global Stars (EUREKA) Taiwan by RVO LifeSense Group is proud to announce our joint Eureka proposal has been selected by RVO for the Global Stars Taiwan partnership. During this international partnership together with MegaBona and HWA LIN Knitting we will transform waste material from plastic bottles and diaper waste into textiles. We strive to make our products better and more ecological. Through EUREKA Global Stars we can explore a new market through international R&D.
  • New Oopsie Heroes October TV campaign  –  If you missed our Oopsie Heroes TV campaign in August, not to worry! We are back on TV for the month of October. You can spot it directly after the ‘Jeugd Journaal’ on National Dutch TV.
  • September Urology month awareness: September is Urology awareness month. Did you know worldwide 1 out 3 women suffer from urine loss postpartum? Or that 12% of 6-12 year olds suffer from bedwetting? Or that all men recovering from prostate cancer surgery can’t hold their bladder? These taboo yet typical urological conditions affect so many women, men and children worldwide, this month we wanted to highlight them and bring them into the spotlight. Read our blog post here.