LSG’s latest fall updates

Dear LSG customers, colleagues and friends, 

We hope you are all doing well and keeping in good health. As Autumn kicks in we are proud to share some highlights of our activities:

– As part of the OPZuid, a large scale European Innovation programme for Zeeland, Noord-Brabant & Limburg our CEO Valer Pop participated in Printed Electronics event together with other innovative MKB companies in the region. 

– Our Taiwanese distribution partner Mega Bona International presented the LifeSense Group solutions at the leading SemiCon Taiwan event. Due to the current pandemic it was a hybrid event with several hundred local and online participants. 

– LifeSense Group has launched two new user trials for its products Oopsie Heroes PLUS and Carin Mini. We are currently testing these new products with users. 

– In preparation for our product launch in Germany, LifeSense Group is now a member of the German-Dutch chamber of commerece DNHK. 

– In other arrangements to help us bring our solution to the German market, LifeSense Group has just submitted a new EU Grant Proposal to help make this happen. 

Our Taiwanese distribution partner Mega Bona International presents the LifeSense Group solutions at the leading SemiCon Taiwan event.
OPZuid Printed Electronics event where our CEO Valer Pop participated. 


Wondering how to get started with potty training? ‘Read about the ‘Top potty training methods popular with parents’ here. 

Blog Post #1: Top potty training methods popular with parents.

 Potty training is a dirty job but choosing the right potty training method to go along with your parenting style and family dynamics can make the process easier. We’ve outlined four of the most successful toilet training methods by age group.

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Have you read our latest blog ‘5 Common mistakes when doing your Kegels’ at 

Blog Post #2: 5 Common mistakes when doing your kegels

Most people getting started with Kegel exercises can make some mistakes at the beggining. This article aims to help you understand Kegel exercises and the 5 most common mistakes men make when doing their Kegel exercises.

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Team LSG

Behind the scenes at LSG we celebrated our colleagues Daan and Paul. We enjoyed celebrating Paul’s birthday with cake at the office (from the famous Michiels Bakery). We were also proud to see Daan’s project ‘Dry Nights, Better days’ displayed on the Strip of the High Tech Campus. 

Stay healthy!

Team LifeSense, Eindhoven.