LifeSense Group is a global B2B company based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands that designs and makes digital health continence solutions. Our driven international team draws on their breadth of knowledge, expertise and experiences to continually bring forth new products and applications which can revolutionize the market of digital health continence solutions.

Since its establishment LifeSense Group is proud to have developed, launched and certified four award winning digital health continence solutions for the whole family. It is our mission to empower families everyday with our technology. Our products include Carin (women), Wil (men), Oopsie Heroes (children) and Plan Be (healthcare providers). Our patented innovations have undergone clinical pilot trials and are reimbursed by health insurers in The Netherlands, Sweden, Taiwan and Australia.


The story of LifeSense Group began in 2011 when Valer Pop, Julia Veldhuijzen van Zanten and Mitsugu Yoneyama experienced through a family member, the impact involuntary urine loss can have on daily life. These events inspired a shared mission to revolutionize healthcare with wearable technology for families worldwide. Here an overview of how together with our partners, collaborators and team we have brought this ambition to life.



During the early years, LifeSense Group focused on R&D, validating our first product Carin with clinical pilot trials and filing intellectual property on our innovations. Carin has been developed involving more than 100 women on its advisory board.



As a Start-Up from 2016 onwards we focused on validating and developing products for the market and global business exploration. During this time our products where:

• Fully certified by CE, TGA, FDA, HSA, PMDA and MFDS.
• Clinically proven in Italy, Singapore, Japan and Australia
• Reimbursed by health insurers in The Netherlands, Australia, Taiwan and Sweden.
• Recognized by an accolade of innovation awards.
• Further developed and improved according to market feedback.
• Signed contracts with international strategic partners.


2021 – 2026

Scaling-up LifeSense Group strives to become the global leader of digital health continence solutions. After learning from the market during our business exploration phase, our focus territories for 2021-2022 are Benelux, Germany, Taiwan, Japan and Australia.


At LifeSense Group, we are working hard to build ideas and technology with a wide scope of applications.  From our hardware to our software, our sensor to our smart textiles, we have our eye on the future.


As a result of the evolution of our products, we have set a standard of unique innovation. Our zero power consumption wearable is the first of its kind and poised for use in any other wearable device while the nanotechnology textiles at work in our underwear absorb leaks and dry faster than cotton, increasing comfort and viability across a wide range of applications and products.


As we continue to innovate and grow we remain open to opportunities for collaboration on a variety of levels and platforms.  We are invigorated and inspired through cooperation with others and look forward to expanding our impact through many different avenues.


In bringing Carin to market, LifeSense has drawn on the skills of a range of local partners. The mobile sensor unit is manufactured by Matas Electronics, while part of the training program and app were developed in conjunction with Zinc Group. Developmental input was also provided by Dr. Bary Berghmans of the Pelvic Care Center at the Maastricht University Medical Center, at which the clinical trials of Carin took place.


LifeSense aims to empower people everyday by revolutionizing healthcare with wearable technology.


LifeSense seeks to inspire a healthier life for everyone, everyday.


To enable every individual to regain their sense of life through wearable technology


We are always on the look-out for creative, industrious, and enthusiastic collaborators.  If you are inspired by our projects or have an aligning vision of your own and would be interested to learn more about potential career or internship opportunities at LifeSense Group, please contact us.